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Church Building Use Policy PDF Print E-mail


A.                 No beginning student shall play the organ unless under the direct supervision of the Music Director

B.                 Advance students may use the organ when they have first done all of the following:

1.                  Secured permission from the Music Director

2.                  Cleared time of use with the church secretary.  Members of the congregation shall have preference over non-members.

C.                 Weddings and funerals after all of the following have been done:

1.                  Secure permission from the Pastor or Session

2.                  Consult Music Director

3.                  If other than the church organist is to play, all of the following must be done:

a.                   Music Director should determine if qualified

b.                  Must be oriented by the Music Director

II.                 USE OF SANCTUARY:

A.                 No activity shall be scheduled to conflict with stated services of the church.

B.                 The sanctuary shall be used only for:

1.                  Regular worship service

2.                  Presbytery, Presbyterian and Congregational meetings

3.                  Other activities after approval by the Session or in the regular program of the church

C.                 Weddings

1.                  Pastor must be consulted three or four months in advance of wedding date to allow for proper counseling.  He shall determine who shall be married in the church.

2.                  Where it is so desired that another clergyman participate, the Pastor must give his consent and he shall extend the invitation if his consent is given.

3.                  If the reception is to be held in Fellowship Hall or the Church Lounge, a church organization shall be given the opportunity to serve it and arrangements of menu cost, etc. shall be made with that organization.  All new Rules for Use of the Building for cost, set up and tear down, and cleaning as of January 1, 1990, shall also apply (ask for these rules).

D.                 Funerals

1.                  Family or funeral director shall contact Pastor concerning the arrangements.

2.                  No charge for use of the building shall be made for funerals of members or their immediate families.

3.                  Rules for use of organ apply here.

4.                  Use of Fellowship Hall for funeral receptions after burial will be permitted for members or their immediate family at no room charge or set up or tear down charges but minimum custodial fee will be charged for non-member groups for clean-up.

III.               USE OF LOUNGE:

A.                 Use of lounge is open to adult member groups and adult church groups only.

B.                 Group must check with church office to be sure there are no conflicting dates.


A.                 Church organizations or groups of members of Lebanon Presbyterian Church shall not be charged any fee if event is church related, or church group related, but shall be expected to do a rough clean up.

B.                 No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises.

C.                 Private Event:  If event is a private event such as a wedding reception, shower, reunion, etc. we will waive the room fee for members of the church and their immediate family but janitorial fees will apply unless you set up, tear down and clean up with your own group.  This clean up is not a rough clean up, but a good clean up.  No special session approval is necessary.

D.                 Private Parties or events of non-members will be charged according to the fees listed below and janitorial fees will not be waived if your event is scheduled at a time when the custodian is not on duty, even if you set up and tear down and clean up yourself because the custodian will have to be there for the entire event.  If the event is scheduled at a time when the custodian is normally working, we will waive the custodian fee if you want to set up, tear down and clean up yourselves.  This will be a good clean up.  Session approval is necessary for a non-member individual and group.

E.                  New Organizations Outside the Church:  Must have approval of Session (before using any room), at least 1 ½ months in advance and will be charged according to the fees below unless otherwise specified by Session.  If fee is paid as listed below, we will set up, tear down and clean up as well as be available to help with special (small) requests but you will be expected to do a rough clean-up.  Janitorial fee will not be waived if event is scheduled at a time when custodian is not normally on duty even if you want to set up and tear down yourself because we will have a custodian there for the entire event.  If event is scheduled during custodians working hours, and if you want to set up and tear down and do good-clean-up, we will waive the custodial fee.

F.                  Clean-Up Descriptions

Rough clean-up here includes putting all food waste in garbage cans and cleaning spills and crumbs off the tables and floors, etc.

A good clean-up here includes putting all food waste in garbage cans, cleaning spills and crumbs off the tables and floors, sweep floors, put tables and chairs back on rack or stacked where they belong, and in general leave the place as good as you found it.

G.                 All parties or events shall be limited to five hour maximum (open doors to lock up after departure) and shall not extend beyond 11:00 p.m.

H.                 All organizations already approved by Session for use of the building will not be charged any fee but shall be expected to leave the building as clean as when the activity started.

I.                    Each organization shall supply two names of supervisors who will take charge of the event.  These leaders will be responsible for the following items, but not limited to this list:

1.                  Lights turned off

2.                  Windows and doors locked

3.                  Any damage

4.                  Rough housing

5.                  Keeping group contained in area

6.                  Being there at least 15 minutes early

7.                  Leave with the group (as a unit) and make sure all outside doors that your group uses are shut and locked

V.                 USE OF THE KITCHEN:

A.                 FOR MEMBERS

Women of the church shall have the opportunity to cater food services on the site.  If an outside caterer is brought in, one person from the church will be appointed to oversee the dinner.

B.                 FOR NON-MEMBERS

Use of the kitchen is done only by special request to Session and Christian Servitors group.

C.                 Kitchen shall be left spotless in all cases.

VI.              RENTAL FEES:

A.                 $100.00 for hall rental

       $50.00 for custodian

B.                 If rental fees apply, the church will receive the rate for the room charge and the custodian will receive all other fees.


Upcoming Events

Sun, Feb 25th, @9:30am - 10:30AM
Sunday School
Sun, Feb 25th, @11:00am - 12:15PM
Traditional Worship Service
Sun, Feb 25th, @6:00pm - 07:00PM
Praise Group
Tue, Feb 27th, @9:30am - 10:30AM
Adult Bible Study
9:30 a.m.

We begin our Morning Services with Sunday School (9:00 AM - Summer). We offer both Adult and Youth Classes. During the Summer, there is a Bible Study instead.

11:00 a.m.

Following Sunday School is our morning service. This traditional worship service seeks to bring glory to God through the singing of hymns, choral music, liturgical readings, and bible-based sermons.  This Service is at 11:00 (10:00 AM - Summer).

6:00 p.m.

The 6:00 Service has been discontinued as of August 4, 2015.

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