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Marriage is a gift God has given to all humankind for the well being of the entire human family.  Marriage is also a civil contract between a woman and a man.  However, Christian marriage is a covenant through which a man and a woman are called to live out together before God their lives of discipleship.  In service of Christian marriage a lifelong commitment is made by a woman and a man to each other, publicly witnessed and acknowledged by the community of faith.

Since Christian marriage is a distinctive and serious commitment involving public vows before God, the Church strongly feels that such a commitment is not to be undertaken casually, and necessitates a thorough understanding of the meaning and responsibilities involved in Christian marriage.  Therefore, in preparation for a marriage service, the pastor shall provide the couple the opportunity for a discussion centered on what it means to join in a Christian marriage.  The Church feels that pre-marriage preparation is essential for couples wanting to make this commitment.  Since, this requires a significant time commitment on the part of the pastor, those getting married at Lebanon Presbyterian Church will ordinarily be active participants and / or members of this or another Christian congregation, except at the discretion of the Session and pastor.  Therefore, in keeping with the importance of Christian marriage in the faith of all believers, and in accordance with the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order (W‑4.9000-4.906), the Session of Lebanon Presbyterian Church approves this policy on Weddings.  The Session shall review and re-authorize this policy on an annual basis.

        “Non-members may not be married in the church unless they are part of the extended church family, except at the discretion of the Session and the pastor.”



1.      Step 1:  Expressing an interest to the Pastor,

2.      Step 2:  Committing to the Pre-marital Counseling with the Pastor:

a)     The length and duration of the pre-marital counseling will be at the discretion of the Pastor, and

b)     Both the man and the woman shall agree to attend all sessions.

3.      Step 3:  Both the man and the woman shall become active in a community of faith, normally at LPC.

B.     PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING:  The Pastor shall provide for a discussion with the couple concerning:

1.      The nature of their Christian commitment, assuring that at least one is a professing Christian and active in this church, or willing to demonstrate an active commitment to the church;

2.      Christian perspectives on:

a)     Communication

b)     Financial Responsibilities, and

c)      Sex and Procreation.

3.      The privileges and responsibilities of Christian marriage;

4.      The relationship of these commitments to their lives of discipleship;

5.      The resources of faith and the Christian community to assist them in fulfilling their marriage commitments;

6.      The vows and commitments they will be asked to make;

7.      The nature and form of the marriage service; and

8.      The legal requirements of the state.


1.      If the Pastor is convinced of the couple’s genuine commitment, responsibility, maturity, and Christian understanding, the Pastor shall:

a)     Approve a date for the wedding to take place (subject to approval by the Session); and

b)     Commit to officiating at the ceremony.

2.      If the Pastor is convinced after discussion with the couple that commitment, responsibility, maturity, or Christian understanding are so lacking that the marriage is unwise, the Pastor shall:

a)     Assure the couple of the church’s continuing concern for them,

b)     Offer the couple the opportunity for continued counseling; and

c)      Not conduct the ceremony.

3.      The Pastor may seek the counsel of the Session (the church’s governing body) in making this decision.



1.      All those interested in using the Lebanon Presbyterian Church sanctuary or Fellowship Hall shall:

a)     Obtain a copy of “Rules for the Use of the Building” from the church’s secretary, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

b)     Read and agree to all the provisions of the policy; and

c)      Remit to the church’s secretary the application form and any required Reservation Deposit.

B.     CLERGY:

1.      The pastor of Lebanon Presbyterian Church should be contacted at least three months in advance, and shall:

a)     Perform all pre-martial counseling; and

b)     Officiate at all weddings held at Lebanon Presbyterian Church.

2.      After consulting with the pastor, he may invite a guest minister to assist in the service.

3.      However, the pastor of the church shall normally perform the marriage vows during the service and the pronouncement of marriage.

4.      If the pastor can not perform the wedding because of illness, injury, or previously scheduled vacation, then with his recommendation and the approval of the session, a guest minister may be invited to officiate at the wedding, provided that he/she perform pre-martial counseling similar to that outlined by this policy.

C.    MUSIC:

1.      The Church organist should be contacted at least two months in advance, and shall:

a)     Have the right of playing at all weddings conducted at LPC, or;

b)     Recommend other organists if he/she can not participate in the wedding.

2.      The basic fee for the church organist shall be $150, to be paid in cash on the day of the wedding, prior to the service, which covers:

a)     One hour rehearsal

b)     Twenty minutes of prelude music

c)      Two processionals

d)     Recessional

e)     Postlude music until the sanctuary is emptied.

3.      All music must be agreed upon in writing no later than two weeks before the wedding rehearsal.  There may be an additional charge for late decisions or changes.

4.      An additional fee is required for the church organist to find and/or accompany a soloist, which is $50 for 1 or 2 songs, and $25 for each additional song.  The fee covers:

a)     One hour rehearsal

b)     Warm up and brief rehearsal with soloist immediately prior to wedding.

c)      Accompaniment for the soloist at the wedding.

5.      The church organist will assist with planning the vocal and instrumental music for the wedding, and will be available by appointment for consultation.

6.      She will consider all requests as long as they are consistent with the religious nature of the service, and receive the approval of the pastor.

7.      If the couple wishes to use another organist, approval shall be at the discretion of the pastor in consultation with the church organist.  Additionally, the church organist shall receive a $50 bench fee, and shall coordinate times for the guest organist to practice in keeping with her office hours.

8.      All final decisions in regards to music shall be at the discretion of the pastor, in consultation with the couple and the church organist.

D.    WEDDING COORDINATOR AND TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: This is a free ministry of Lebanon Presbyterian Church offered to all couples who are married at the church.  The Wedding Coordinator shall be designated by the Worship and Music Committee:

1.      WEDDING COORDINATOR: The Church wedding coordinator should be contacted at least two months in advance of the wedding, and shall:

a)     Coordinate with the couple to ensure that all logistical arrangements at LPC are taken care of for the wedding;

b)     Coordinate with the pastor and the organist the flow of the service;

c)      Perform all set-up and clean-up for the wedding.

2.      TECHNICAL DIRECTOR:  The Church Technical Director should be contacted at least two months in advance of the wedding, and shall:

a)     Coordinate with the couple to ensure that all technical needs at LP are taken care of for the wedding;

b)     Provide for all lightening, sound, and projection needs for the wedding; and

c)      Be responsible for all the LPC technical equipment.


1.      Flowers for the sanctuary or the Fellowship Hall are the responsibility of those planning the wedding.

2.      The Florist shall NOT tape or tack any arrangements to the pews.

3.      The Florist may use suitable hooks over the door tops.

4.      The Florist shall arrange with the church’s Wedding Coordinator the delivery of flowers:


1.      A wedding ceremony is a service of worship in the Presbyterian tradition.  Therefore, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during the service, which begins with a call to worship and ends with the pronouncement of marriage.

2.      The Session has authorized the pastor to stop the service, if necessary, should guests and / or professional photographers / videographers violate this policy.

3.      NATURAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOTAPING are permitted during the service from the balcony or with prior arrangements with the pastor.


1.      Bulletins and Candles:

a)     Bulletins

1.      Designer Bulletins and special stock paper shall be purchased by the couple.

2.      Bulletins may be copied for a fee of $25

3.      If the church uses its own paper, then the fee is $35

b)     Candles: The church shall provide candles for a fee of $20

2.      HONORARIUM:  These fees include appropriate honoraria due to church staff.  Guidelines are as follows:

a)     Church Organist:  $150.00

b)     Pastor:  There is no required honorarium for members of the church.

H.     USE OF ALCOHOL:  The use of alcohol is not permitted on church property.


1.      No wedding shall be performed without a proper marriage license.

2.      The couple shall ensure that the Pastor receives the marriage license no later than the day of the rehearsal;

3.      The Pastor shall ensure, immediately after the wedding, that he signs each page of the marriage license; and

4.      The church secretary shall ensure:

a)     The proper portion of the marriage license is mailed to proper state authorities; and

b)     A copy of the marriage license is mailed to the newlywed couple.

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