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Financial Policy

1.      Money collected for all trips, retreats, activities, etc. will be turned into the Christian Ed checking account from Alliquipa Sabath School.  The checks for deposits and payments will be disbursed from this account.

2.      All expenditures must be authorized by the chair of the Christian Ed Committee and be listed on a form from the church treasurer, signed by CE chair for reimbursements.

3.      If money is needed for future activities, a form must be signed by CE chair for approximate amount.  Then given to the treasurer for a check with the reimbursement for unused funds with receipts.

4.      Please keep copies of all receipts for your files and a record of all money collected and all expenditures, in case questions arise.

5.      All money for deposits for trips will be listed in authorization forms as non-refundable and a date will be given.

6.      All youth ministry assistants and the youth director fees for retreats will be paid by the church or through fund raising.

Trips - Activities Off Of Church Property

1.      All activities or trips will have signed authorization forms.  This will state the date and location of activity.  The form will list the cost, with a non-refundable deposit with a specified date on it.  Also on the form a description of the activity.

2.      All drivers for trips will be over 21 and approved by CE or Youth Director.  Seatbelts must be worn.

3.      The church is responsible for the youth from the time they leave the church until they are picked up there.  The youth are not permitted to leave the site of an activity, unless prior arrangements have been made.

4.      If there is a problem with behavior at the activity the student may be warned by the Youth Director with a YMA in attendance.  If the behavior continues a parent will be called and the parent will have to pick up the student.

5.      If drugs or alcohol are found parents will be immediately called and the police notified.  The youth will immediately be removed and parents will be responsible for transportation home.

6.      At no time is it permissible for a male and female to be sleeping in the same room.

Medical Forms

1.      At the beginning of the school year, medical forms are to be given to the students which are to be kept in a file in the church.  A copy of the form will be carried for trips out of the area, such as retreats, mission trips, and work trips.

Upcoming Events

Sun, Feb 25th, @9:30am - 10:30AM
Sunday School
Sun, Feb 25th, @11:00am - 12:15PM
Traditional Worship Service
Sun, Feb 25th, @6:00pm - 07:00PM
Praise Group
Tue, Feb 27th, @9:30am - 10:30AM
Adult Bible Study
9:30 a.m.

We begin our Morning Services with Sunday School (9:00 AM - Summer). We offer both Adult and Youth Classes. During the Summer, there is a Bible Study instead.

11:00 a.m.

Following Sunday School is our morning service. This traditional worship service seeks to bring glory to God through the singing of hymns, choral music, liturgical readings, and bible-based sermons.  This Service is at 11:00 (10:00 AM - Summer).

6:00 p.m.

The 6:00 Service has been discontinued as of August 4, 2015.

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