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2800 Old Elizabeth Road
     West Mifflin, PA 15122
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"To Meet the Needs and Offer Hope to the families and individuals of West Mifflin and the South Hills by Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through Actions and Words!"

OUR Corporate Values

The corporate values of Lebanon PC is as follows: 1) Meeting Needs, 2) Offering Hope, 3) Proclaiming Christ, and 4) Living out our Faith.

corporate valuesThe Mandate of our Faith compels us to proclaim the TRUTH of Jesus Christ, and we do so by Reaching out to the families and individuals of our community to address their needs and to reveal to them the hope we receive when we place our trust in Jesus Christ. Scripture shows us that Christ calls us to model individually and as a fellowship that we must be Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, and Scripture-based, as we worship, fellowship, and pray together.

We are able to do this by looking inward in discipleship, as we grow in the strength of Jesus Christ, and then look outward as we share with our words the Good News of Jesus Christ, and then reveal with our actions how the Holy Spirit can change lives.


The IMPACT GROUP of Lebanon PC consists of a 1) Geographic Target Group, 2) Demographic Target Group, 3) those we will minister to, and 4) those we will minister with.

Our Geographic Target Group largely consists of concentric circles moving out from our church location. The first circle encloses the West Mifflin Borough as found to the east of Rte. 50, west of the Dravosburg Bridge, north of Clairton, and south of Duquesne. The second circle reaches out to those living within the bulge created by the Monongahela River south of Pittsburgh and known as the South Hills. The third circle reaches north of the Monongahela into Pittsburgh proper, west into Bethel Park, east into McKeesport, and south past Elizabeth.

Our Demographic Target Group consists of middle class, blue collar families within our first concentric circle reaching out from the church. We are seeking to ensure that individuals or family units that are not traditional two parent families recognize that they belong to the larger family of Jesus Christ. However, due to on-going under-mining of the two parent family by society, as a church we seek to 3) minister to families by seeking to meet their needs through church programs, especially in terms of fellowship activities, i.e., free church/community picnic, seasonal children festivals, contemporary praise worship, Vacation Bible School, youth retreats, and morning worship. As a church, we are 4) ministering with newer, and younger members of the church, largely between the ages of 35 to 65 years old, as we actively seek to reach out to the 85,000 families in West Mifflin.


The Ministry Setting that will best connect with our designated Impact Group are community family events that reveal our mission goal of MEETING NEEDS and OFFERING HOPE to the families of West Mifflin. As mentioned before, they seek to provide a safe place to gather as a family, with others who share a desire to establish strong and foundational family values, such as an annual free church/community picnic, seasonal children festivals, contemporary praise worship, Vacation Bible School, youth retreats, and morning worship. We also ensure that the church is open to activities such as Weight Watchers, the Women’s Health Initiative, and the local West Mifflin chapter of AARP.

The given elements of our setting consist of our church building at 2800 Old Elizabeth Road, West Mifflin. We have chosen to do ministry at this place, to, and with the people and families of this community.

The chosen elements of our setting are to change our worship space, to allow for a more fluid style of praise worship, which has been ongoing for the last eight months, and to erect new signage in front of our church, as well as an electronic sign on a major thoroughfare, Lebanon Church Road, that adjoins our property.


Our strategy for reaching the families of West Mifflin is to provide services that meet their needs, and at the same time reveal to them the HOPE that is found only in Jesus Christ. We seek to do this by allowing programs such as AA, Head Start, and a pre-school operate in the church, while ensuring that the parents of the children are aware of the activities that are going on in the church. We re seeking to develop or Impact Group by sharing the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, seeking CONVERTS, and then training them as disciples.

As CONVERTS and DISCIPLES, we educate our new members and contacts in the Bible through a bi-weekly family Bible study, and a weekly Tuesday and Thursday Bible study.

As we are growing, we are developing SERVANTS to the servants of the church through our elders and deacons, and for those serving on committees. Our praise band largely consists of non-members, and our technical team is staffed by a number of Youth.

We are actively looking for new ways to incorporate the gifts of our Impact Group into the life of our church.


“Meeting Needs and offering Hope to the Families and individuals of West Mifflin and the South Hills by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in both Words and Actions!”

When we began REvisioning, our minimum factor was Need Based Evangelism, @ a score of 34. We have actively began the process of reaching out to our community. Our second lowest minimum factor was Vibrant worship @ a score of 38. Since then we have established an evening praise worship, and invigorated our morning worship. All church committees and programs have been evaluated according to our Vision Statement.

As a result, all recommendations by our Vision Team to our governing board (Session) have been unanimously approved, as we seek to REACH OUT into West Mifflin and PROVIDE VIBRANT and ENERGETIC worship.


Upcoming Events

Sun, Jan 21st, @9:30am - 10:30AM
Sunday School
Sun, Jan 21st, @11:00am - 12:15PM
Traditional Worship Service
Sun, Jan 21st, @6:00pm - 07:00PM
Praise Group
Tue, Jan 23rd, @9:30am - 10:30AM
Adult Bible Study
9:30 a.m.

We begin our Morning Services with Sunday School (9:00 AM - Summer). We offer both Adult and Youth Classes. During the Summer, there is a Bible Study instead.

11:00 a.m.

Following Sunday School is our morning service. This traditional worship service seeks to bring glory to God through the singing of hymns, choral music, liturgical readings, and bible-based sermons.  This Service is at 11:00 (10:00 AM - Summer).

6:00 p.m.

The 6:00 Service has been discontinued as of August 4, 2015.

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